Listed below are some of Akemi’s lectures, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and cultural exchange activities.

Date Event Location Activity Link
9th London Anime Convention London Lecture
26th Stop The Clock Day York Stop The Clock Day at school in York. Lecture on Japanese Culture and Language  
2nd & 3rd Minamicon Southampton Lectures on Famous Samurai and Their Diet and Japanese Etiquette. Teaching Japanese language using Anime. Japanese traditional dance and teaching dance.
11th   Danubius Hotel Lecture Kimono, Tea ceremony, Shinto and Bushido at Danubius Hotel This is a part of 2 years’ anniversary after Tsunami event  
23rd & 24th Sunnycon   Lecture on Samurai, Teaching Japanese traditional dance Teaching Japanese calligraphy at Sunnycon
26th March – 5th April   Japan Activity in Japan  
27th March – 5th April   Lincoln Attending Luckycon in Lincoln  
26th March – 5th April   Japan Activity in Japan  
5th   Newcastle Lecture on Bushido and Shinto & Tea ceremony and Kimono for Kendo Club in Newcastle  
11th May Fair Richmond Attending May Fair in Richmond to appeal the Aid For Japan charity – face painting & calligraphy  
18th   South Thames College Teach calligraphy in South Thames College  
8th Ham Fair Richmond Attending Ham Fair near Richmond – face painting & calligraphy  
13th   Birmingham Lecture at school in Birmingham  
20th-23rd International Rotary Conference Lisbon Appeal for Aid For Japan at International Rotary conference in Lisbon  
20th Koi Festival Sussex Koi (carp) Festival in Sussex – Japanese Traditional Dance  
21st     Lectures at Anime League in London  
23rd July – 6th August Summer Residential Course Japan Summer Residential Course with Tsunami orphans in Japan
10th & 11th Bonsai Festival   Bonsai Festival – Lecture and Traditional Dance  
16th – 18th Ayacon   Ayacon anime convention – lectures
30th August- 1st September Nomcon Ireland Nomcon in Dublin  
7th September (Sat) Alcon   Lecture at Alcon (Anime convention)
13th (Friday)   Banbury Lecture Women’s role in Japan at Inner Wheel Club in Banbury  
17th (Tuesday)   Richmond Charity event “Kaiseki” Japanese 9 courses traditional dinner in Richmond  
19th (Thursday)   Leytonstone Charity appeal lecture at Leytonstone & Woodford Rotary Club
16th October (Wednesday)   Carshalton Lecture Charity and life in Japan at Inner Wheel Club of Carshalton  
24th October – 8th November   Japan Visiting many Rotary Clubs in Japan to appeal for Aid For Japan charity
3rd November (Sunday)   Japan Aid For Japan charity event in Tokyo
9th November (Saturday) Doki Doki Con Manchester Guest at Doki Doki Con (Anime convention) in Manchester  
11th November (Monday)   London Lecture at King’s College in London  
19th December – 30 December   Japan Cultural exchange trip to Japan