Listed below are some of Akemi’s lectures, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and cultural exchange activities.

Date Event Location Activity Link
27th-28th   London Collectormania  
22nd   Lecture ” Tea Ceremony and Japanese Manner” at Hatfield House  
17th   Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Japanese Life Style, City Of Westminster Archives Centre  
12th   Calligraphy Workshop for Christmas Decorations in Wimbledon  
4th-8th   Guest for Nekocon in U.S. (Virginia). This is my first attending convention in U.S.  
28th   Guest for Nekocon in U.S. (Virginia)  
14th   Lecture for W.I. in Oxford  
25th & 26th   Guest for Cultural con  
13th-15th   Guest for Amecon  
17th   Private Garden Party in Longleat with Japanese guests for JAF from Japan  
21st & 22nd   Japanese Art Festival in Conway Hall  
27th-30th   Guest for “Abunai” in Holland  
7th   Lecture for Abinton W.I. in Oxford  
9th & 10th   “Taste the East” Kimono demonstration  
19th   Japan Day in Bourne Grammar School  
22nd   Lecture in Anime convention  
9th   Lecture for Enfield Embroidery Guild  
19th & 20th   Nemacon (Anime convention in Middlesborough)  
22nd   Lectures and demonstration (Kimono and tea ceremony) in Giles School  
1st   Lecture in Manga shop in Richmond.  
6th   Private teaching  
11th   Tamworth School/Japanese Cultural Day  
13th   Lecture for Kirtlington W.I.  
17th   Lecture in Paddington library  
20th   Japanese Cultural Workshop for the workers of Borough of Kensington & Chelsea  
25th   Teach Japanese in Ardingly College in Sussex  
29th & 30th   London Expo (Japanese cultural section – JapanEx)  
8th-21st   Cultural Study Trip from U.K.  
22nd   Japan Day at school in Kent  
8th – 22nd   Cultural Study trip to Japan    
26th – 3rd April   Art University students from U.S. – Anime trip    
2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th   Teaching in Farnborough Six Form College  
3rd and 10th   The Ravensbourne School & Hackett  
4th & 11th   Teaching in Farnborough Six Form College & TECLA language school  
5th   Lecture in the May Fair library  
6th   Private teaching  
7th   Lecture in Oxford university  
12th   Teaching in Ardingly College  
Every Tuesday and Thursday   Teaching in ix Form College Farnborough  
Every Wednesday   Teaching at Ravensbourne School using Anime. Teaching culture, history and language for a company in London  
19th Friday   Model at London College of Fashion  
20th & 21st   Kimono and Tea ceremony lecture  
22nd Monday   Tea ceremony at language school in London  
26th Friday   Japanese Art Festival pre-party  
27th & 28th Japanese Art Festival, Richmond Anime & Manga Art Exhibition & Japanese culture and food  
6th Saturday   Teaching language using Anime at London Anime League  
14th Sunday   Lecture at Koi carp society  
15th Saturday   Japanese language and culture lesson in Hampton Hill  
16th Friday   Workshop of Kimono, Tea ceremony, Origami at Stevenage Museum  
18th Monday   Photo shoot at the photo studio in Chippenham  
19th Tuesday   Ardingly College    
20th Wednesday   Teaching at Ravensbourne school every Wednesday  
22nd   Japan Day    
23rd   Lecture and demonstration of tea ceremony in church in London  
30th & 31st   Matsuri in London Presentation on