Listed below are some of Akemi’s lectures, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and cultural exchange activities.

Date Event Location Activity Link
2nd (Day)   Ravensbourne School Teaching Japanese language  
2nd (Evening)   Ardingly College,Sussex Teaching  
3rd   Holland Park Private Japanese lesson  
4th   Rose Bruford College Kimono model  
5th   Private Tea ceremony and Kimono dressing (for birthday present) Kimono model  
6th   SOAS Supervising Japanese Language Exam  
7th   Japan Day for Sixth Form college in London Lecturer and consultant  
10th     Acting role for film  
16th   Japanese Study Trip Leaving for cultural study trip  
7th Piccadilly Teaching Japanese language using Anime (Totoro)    
21st Sussex library Lecture in the library in Sussex    
22nd Japanese calligraphy workshop      
23rd London College of Fashion Model    
29th Grand Cosplay Ball, London Kimono fashion show
30th London College of Fashion Model    
30th Tate Modern Museum Kimono Model    
Piccadilly Learning Japanese using My Neighbour Totoro    
3rd 14:00- 15:00 ITO Japanese School

25- 27 Oxford Street


Trial of Kimono (Yukata) and history of Kimono   Near Tottenham Court Road station (1 minute walk). If you can not find this school, please call 020-7734-4877
3rd 15:00- 16:00 School in Oxford Street, London Tea ceremony – sweets and tea    
7th Oxford Lecture for WI (Womens Institute)    
9th Richmond Calligraphy    
14th Marriotts School, Stevenage Kimono model    
15th Lesson for Japanese business manner      
15th & 16th London Japanese cultural filming for Toshiba Consultant  
16th British Council conference presentation of Japanese Art Festival in Richmond    
17th Piccadilly Teaching Japanese language using Anime (Totoro)    
19th Rothschild Teaching Business manner    
20th Meeting for London Expo with Japanese people from Tokyo      
21st Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys School visit    
22nd-23rd Northampton Fuyucon    
24th- 25th London Expo      
27th Japanese group lesson      
11th Petroleum Women’s Club in London Lecture "Kimono & lady’s life style"    
11th – 15th Leeds Lecture for martial artists group Assistant for the Japanese artists from Japan  
15th 6:30- 8:00   Japanese teaching at home    
16th 6:00- 7:30 Piccadilly Learning Japanese Language using Anime Tonari no
18th – 21st Holland Abunai Anime convention, Kimono, tea ceremony, calligraphy Guest  
22nd 7:30- 9:30 East Croydon Lecture to a Martial arts group: History of Martial art and Japan- Samurai    
23rd 6:00- 7:30   Japanese teaching at home  
26th Nottingham Japanese Cultural Day Lecture and demonstration of Kimono and Tea ceremony