Listed below are some of Akemi’s most recent lectures, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and cultural exchange activities.

Not mentioned is her teaching of GCSE & A level Japanese at Ardingly College, her own postgraduate studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London, and participation in seminars, conferences and cultural events at which she was not a scheduled speaker or performer.

Date Event Location Activity Link
December 2003
27th and 28th Dec   Anglo Japanese Friendship Society, Tokyo, Japan Lecture – “British Public School Education”  
9th Dec 2003 – 6th Jan 2004 Aug   Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan Cultual Exchange Visit to Japan, Winter 2003  
7th December   Goodwood House, West Sussex Lecture – “Bushido, the Way of the Warrior”  
November 2003
16th Nov   Okinami restaurant, Hove Lectures/Demonstrations – “Japanese table manners”  
October 2003
25th Oct – 4th Nov   Kagoshima and Kumamoto, Japan Cultual Exchange Visit to Japan, Autumn 2003  
7th October   WSCC Adult Education Lectures/Demonstrations – “Brush-writing” & “Japanese Cooking”  
6th October   London Book Club for the BBC ‘Big Read’ initiative Lectures/Demonstrations – “Brush-writing” & “The Japanese Language”  
September 2003
29th September   London Book Club for the BBC ‘Big Read’ initiative Lectures/Demonstrations – “The Kimono” & “The Tea Ceremony”  
23rd September   WSCC Adult Education Lectures/Demonstrations – “The Kimono” & “The Tea Ceremony”  
10th September   Lewes W.I., Sussex Lectures/Demonstrations – “The Kimono” & “Japanese Lifestyle”  
August 2003
22nd August   ‘Okinami’ Restaurant, Hove Lectures/Demonstrations – “Japanese Table Manners”  
18th – 22nd Aug   Ardingly College, Sussex Residential Study Retreat – “Japanese Language & Culture”  
10th August   Devon & Cornwall Japan Society Summer Matsuri, Life College, Exeter, Devon Lectures/Demonstrations – “Kimonos”, “Japanese Lifestyle”, “The Tea Ceremony”, “Origami”, “Soroban”, “Sho-do” & “Rolling Sushi”  
July 2003
22nd July   Hassocks Town Women’s Guild Lectures/Demonstrations – “The Kimono” & “Japanese Lifestyle”  
21st July   National Railway Museum, York Lecture/Demonstration – “The Tea Ceremony”  
19th – 20th July   ‘Shogun’ Restaurant, Leeds Demonstrations – “The Tea Ceremony” & “Bon-Odori”  
16th July   National Railway Museum, York Promotional Press Briefing and Photographic Session – “The Kimono” & “The Tea Ceremony”  
12th – 13th July   Victoria &amp, Albert Museum, London Lecture/Demonstration – “The Kimono”  
7th July   ‘Jim Thompson’s’ Restaurant, Brighton Lecture/Demonstration – “The Wear & Care Of Kimonos”  
7th July   BBC Southern Counties Radio Talk – “Tanabata”  
5th July   Japanese Garden Society Summer Picnic, Heale House, near Salisbury Workshop – “Traditional Japanese Picnic Activities” : calligraphy, haiku, origami, and the manners and culture associated with Japanese food and drink.
Lectures/Demonstrations – “Kimonos” & “The Tea Ceremony”
2nd July   Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London Workshop – “Japanese Language & Culture”  
1st July   Chailey W.I., Sussex Lectures/Demonstrations – “Kimonos” & “Japanese Lifestyle”  
June 2003
22nd June   ‘Moshi Moshi’ Restaurant, Brighton Lectures/Demonstrations – “Kimonos”, “The Tea Ceremony”, “Brush-writing” & “Origami”  
14th June   Leicester Adult Education College Japan Day at Leicester Adult Education College (inc. kimonos, the tea ceremony and cooking)  
12th June   Japanese Embassy, London Workshop – “Japanese Language & Culture”  
9th June   Denton Primary School, Newhaven, East Sussex Workshop – “Japanese Language & Culture”  
May 2003
30th May – 1st June   ‘GROW’, The Gardening Experience, Sandown Exhibition Centre, Surrey Lectures/Demonstrations – “Kimonos” & “The Tea Ceremony”  
23rd May   Plumpton Primary School, Sussex Workshop – “Japanese Language & Culture”  
9th May   Forest Ridge W.I., Sussex Lectures/Demonstrations – “Kimonos” & “Japanese Lifestyle”  
April 2003
5-22nd Apr Cultural Exchange Visit Japan In Spring 2003 Akemi Tanaka took a small group of British people to Japan. The party stayed with Japanese host families in Nagoya and Kanazawa; visited castles, gardens, the samurai school, Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples; enjoyed hana-mi (cherry blossom viewing) and were honoured guests at specially arranged cultural events.  
March 2003
25th March   Hurstpierpoint College Prep, Sussex Lecture/Demonstration – “The Japanese Abacus”  
9th March   Ashburton Town Hall, Devon Lecture – “Hina Matsuri – The Girls’ Festival”  
2nd March   Iai Dojo, Crawley Lecture – “The Spirit of Bushido”
Demonstration – “Shinto Opening Ceremony” & “The Tea Ceremony”
February 2003
22nd Feb   Kanagawa Cultural Centre, Yokohama, Japan Lecture – “Education in England and Japan”  
15th – 23rd Feb   Japan Ardingly College Study Tour of Japan Spring 2003
12th Feb   Plumpton W.I., Sussex Lectures/Demonstrations – “The Tea Ceremony” & “Kimonos”  
12th Feb   Burgess Hill W.I., Sussex Lecture/Demonstration – “The Tea Ceremony”  
8th Feb   Okinami Restaurant, Hove Lecture – “Japanese table manners”  
2nd Feb   Okinami Restaurant, Hove Lecture – “Japanese table manners”  
January 2003
31st Jan   Exeter Library, Devon Lecture/Demonstration – “The Tea Ceremony” & “Kimonos”  
22nd Jan   Haywards Heath Ladies’ Circle Lecture – “Japanese lifestyle”  
6th Jan   Leamington Spa Workshop – “Comparative Etiquette & Anglo-Japanese Food Culture”